Dear Colleagues:


What you can see here at this web site is a collection of the data files of the turbulent statistical quantities obtained through various direct numerical simulations of turbulent transport phenomena.

The data files herein collected are classified into three categories:

(1) those produced by the collaborative research project, which was supported through the Grant-in-Aid for Cooperative Research on
Establishment of the Direct Numerical Simulation Database of Turbulent Transport Phenomena (#02302043, 1990-1992) by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture,

(2) those offered by the collaborative research project, which is currently being supported through the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas, "Mathematical Modeling of Turbulent Flows" (1993-1996) by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture,

(3) those voluntarily offered by generous researchers during the courses of the work above, and each file has a header including the information above. The test cases simulated, boundary and initial conditions, and numerical techniques are described in detail in each data file. The current list of data files registered is given in a ".DATABASE_list" file. The data file code number stands for the flow category and entry number, and you can find the meaning of each character in a ".CODE_NO_abbr" file.

You can freely download the data files for your own research purposes, but may not use them for any commercial purposes. Please note:

(1) all rights are reserved by the computors of each data set,

(2) no part of the data described herein may be represented or otherwise used in any form without fully referring to this collection of database and the literature cited at the end of each data set,

(3) database will be revised without notice, whenever necessary,

(4) no responsibility is assumed by the collector of the database for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from use or operation of any data files contained herein. I am quite confident that this database should be useful for understanding fundamental turbulence mechanics and associated heat transfer mechanism as well as developing, testing and improving turbulence closure models. Hence, in order to expand the database continuously in the future, I would like to welcome further input from any volunteer. Your constructive comments and suggestions will also be greatly appreciated.

This valuable research resource could not have been made available without efforts and cooperation of computors, and I am most grateful to them for their generosity. Finally, I hope the DNS data files herein collected will be of your use and help for your research work and for the welfare of mankind.



Nobuhide Kasagi
Professor Emeritus, The University of Tokyo

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