R&D Study of Intelligent Active Turbulence-Control System

N. Kasagi, Y. Suzuki, Y. Hasegawa, M. Nishi, A. Yakeno, S. Okochi, N. Kido, Y. Mizota, Johannes de Bruin


Active feedback control of turbulence is attracting much attention in the fields of energy-related engineering and environmental science, because it has a great potential for flexible control fluid drag or heat and mass transfer, and enhancement/suppression of diffusion.

In the present study, we perform R&D studies on such active feedback turbulence control from different perspectives, both on hardware and software components, in order to prove its principle in the labolatory experiments.

Concerning the software components, we reproduce wall-bounded turbulent flows by using direct numerical simulation (DNS) and attempt to clarify their dynamics. We also develop efficient control algorithms by using the modern control theory and the genetic algorithm, and demonstrate the possibility of drag reduction based on the information measureable on the walls only.

As for the hardware components, we develop a micro wall-shear stress sensor with very high dynamic response. Moreover, numerical analysis-based design-optimization lead to an even higher sensor response.

We integrate these components into a system with arrayed sensor and deformable-membrane-type mangetic actuators placed in a matrix. Currently, we eveluate this system in order to experimentally prove the drag reduction of wall turbulence by the strategy we propose.

Sponsor: SMART (MEXT), FY2000-04.

The Control System Prototype

Arrayed MEMS Wall Shear Streess Sensors with Back-Side Wiring

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